25th July 2009
“Correct spelling, indeed, is one of the arts that are far more esteemed by school ma’ams than by practical men, neck-deep in the heat and agony of the world.” — Henry Louis Mencken, The American Language

As quoted from Henry Louis Mencken, Correct spelling indeed is one of the arts that are esteemed by schools and here in Sekolah Rendah Semabat it is no different. We educate our children to spell correctly in order to write well in English as it is essential for the success of SPN21. As the ‘Spelling competition’ draws nearer, Spellers had to be selected out of the numerous pupils we have in Sekolah Rendah Semabat and to do this, our schools ‘Spelling competition’ administrator Cikgu Md Jamaludin bin Md Yusof organized a spelling selection to determine who will be representing the school in the ‘Spelling competition’. Winners of the ‘Spelling competition’ would then later go on to compete with other winners in the country.


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