Sekolah Rendah Semabat is taking another step and the girls in this school, will be participating their 1st Netball School league for Temburong District in time. Practice, learning and practice again is the key ingredient to win the goal. Winning may be the dream, but what really matter is our commitment, our spirit and determination  to join in the world of sport. That is our sportsmanship. We know, winning isn’t everything. The will to win is the only one thing. The journey to the top is the most cherish in our life time. All the best Girls of SR Semabat for the Netball Championship. Congratulation to the teachers (Ckg Darman (Head Coach), Ckg Norani, Ckg Wee, Ckg Hilmi, Ckg Kamarudin and Cikgu Lin) involved, your efforts are truly brilliant.

Practicing for the best, for the win.

While our no. 1 supporter is preparing for them too..

Auntie Salmah & Auntie Zalifah sewing the girl’s netball uniform.


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